Monday, March 15, 2010

Words too Big to Read

I'm reminded of a seminary professor I had referring to things in our cultural that are written with words too big to read. Cultural blind-spots which trick us into thinking we've reached some apex some utopia--or that we're at least headed there. The following quote should provoke thoughts to the contrary.

"Another age may learn to look upon our use of activities much as we look upon the use of the sword by an earlier age. Because in them money takes so prominent a place, ours may one day be known as the age of financial Christianity, just as we look upon that earlier age as the age of military Christianity. As we regard the sword so a later age may regard money. It may learn the wisdom of the Apostle and decline to use such an ambiguous weapon. If the sword was an ambiguous weapon which might easily confuse the issue, money and activities which depend upon money, are not less ambiguous and may as easily confuse the issue. The time is not yet full. We have yet to learn the consequences of our use of money."
... Roland Allen (1869-1947), Mission Activities [1927], included in The Ministry of the Spirit, David M. Paton, ed., London: World Dominion Press, 1960, p. 109 (see the book)


Anonymous said...

a thoroughly interesting thought, to say the least.

bryan halferty said...

It is interesting... in a way it seems that since Constantine the church has had money... it just doesn't have the military power it used to.