Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Blog is Closed for the Summer

So, for those of you who are Quest groupies you might have noticed that the posts lately have been slimmer than newt. There's a reason for that. Currently my wife and I are visiting friends in Honduras, prior to our trip to Central America we were traveled across the country (Massachusetts to Washington). And, after leaving Honduras tomorrow we will be moving to Vancouver, BC (where my wife will make the dough in photography and I will study at Regent College).

That said, the other member of Quest will--hopefully--make some posts. This will give Matt (the other blogger) some time to work on his Blogging skills. Also, we are accepting applications to Quest. If you want to become a blogger submit some info to our contact info (I am thinking of you Andrew Drain).

Anyways, thanks for being a Quest groupie.