Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Diligence and Reliance

Almost weekly, I write in my school's Home Bulletin a short letter or encouragement to the school family. I'll share a few of them.

Welcome to the 2007-2008 school year at ECS! God has given us a new year to glorify him! I am thankful that after all the thought and preparation put in by the staff, students, and parents for this year, it has finally begun. Relying on His grace, we are ready to work diligently for Him, throughout this year and in everything that we do here at school.
That is how things work here. We rely on His grace every day, in all things that we attempt, in all things that we work at, in all things that we face. By his grace he has given us Jesus, who works everything out for his glory and our good. So in our weakness we rely on him for everything we need and for everything this school needs.
At the same time, and because we have received his grace, we work diligently. Our work is not an attempt to gain favor or to impress God. We work because God has already worked in our lives. God loves us so much- we saw that at the cross- and there is no way to make him love us more. This causes our work to come from joy and gratitude to God, not from fear of disappointing Him. Our diligence comes from the grace that God has given us in Christ. We always rely on his grace, and then joyfully work in the task of education that he has called us to.
Parents, rely on Him in your home, as you seek to raise Godly children. Teachers, rely on Him in your classroom, teaching them to read and write, and think and share. Students, rely on Him in your friendships and in your homework, in your recesses and in your class time. Pray for each other that we might be able to do these tasks. This year let us all rely on his grace in everything that he brings to us, and let us work diligently in the vocations where he has called us, for his glory.

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Theresa said...

You sound like a professional (and experienced) principal, Matt, not to mention a deep and thought-provoking always...I miss it! :)