Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Sermon Link

Hello out there, Sorry the Deuteronomy post is late in coming. I have been spending a good chunk of the week working on a sermon, which I gave today. I gave the sermon at Maple Ridge Church in Amherst, Massachusetts. Here's a link to listen to it, if you so desire. It should be there later on tonight (Sunday evening).

By the way, the picture isn't me...just in case you were wondering. Although... nah.

Now, that's a blogging fact.


MattMissyKamps said...

Good job, man. I liked hearing the Keller influences and a good NT Wright quote. Way to go.

Bryan Halferty said...

Matt, Thanks for your encouragment. Yeah, Tim Keller was a VERY strong influence for that talk. Thanks again.

mark lloyd said...

The direct link to Bryan's talk is: