Friday, April 28, 2006

Personalized Outreach or The Da Vinci Code Again

Usually evangelical outreachs make me want to puke--alright that might be an overstatement but you know the type of thing I'm referring to. The big events where there is a magic show for twenty minutes and then the magician pulls a Gospel tract out of hat and shares the message of salvation as quickly as possible. I mean I am all for people preaching Jesus but lots of times this bait and switch evangelism just ends in confusion.

I was talking to a friend the other day about that movie The Da Vinci Code (I know you're probably tired of hearing about it) but we agreed that it would actually serve as a great opportunity to share about Jesus, and to answer previously unfielded questions regarding other 'faith' topics. So, I am going to enlist, this May 22nd I plan on taking some friends (I am guessing it will be an assortment: Christians and otherwise) to the movie. After the movie I hope to take them out and for a beer.

So this is my personal 'outreach event' and because it's personalized (me with some close friends) and the movie isn't 'Christian' I am all the more interested to see what happens. Try it out with me, I'll blog about the results and you can send some comments.


MattMissyKamps said...

Well be careful, Bryan. You have to ask yourself some questions. Besides its questionable content, is this movie rated 'R'? Do you want these close friends to think that 'R' rated movies are OK?

MattMissyKamps said...

Great idea. I can't wait to hear what kind of conversations it leads to.

ajcrm125 said...

Funny... I just looked up the rating for "Passion of the Christ". Take a wild guess. :-)

Bill said...

I'll go see it tonight